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I’ll take that challenge, Jane

Published December 27, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Once again I find myself having trouble focusing.  (Still Furby related.  I’m going to give Santa a good whomp across the chops for THAT little bit of genius)

I’m feeling a bit sick. Both of my nieces have the Flu. We did NOT discover this until the 24th. It’s worth the exposure to have the time with the girlies, but I am having the beginnings of an earache and my head is a bit hurty.  (Come to think of it, that might also be Furby related.

At any rate, I am having trouble focusing on the actual work I am supposed to be doing, so as I was cruising through XO Jane. (Oh Jane Pratt, what would I do without you?) I came across her list of things she couldn’t get anyone to write about this week.

She publishes this every week, it’s  a list of things that she would have like to have had written about for the site. (Now, if I were ever to have the privilege of being on the staff, I would do pretty much anything Jane wanted me to do, up to, and including getting her shoes resoled and finding a way to make that sound fascinating and thrilling and a Must Do for everyone of a certain age.)

One of the topics was the new update of the Rules.

You remember The Rules, don’t you?

For those of you playing the home game, here is a direct quote from the Website:

            WHAT ARE THE RULES?

Want to know the secrets for dating? Want the formula for being
desirable and mysterious in text messages, on Facebook, and via
Skype? Unsure why guys aren’t asking you out? Tired of booty calls
and casual relationships that go nowhere? Sick of being single? Then
you need
, The Rules


If you desperately want to see the website, or just want to make sure  that I haven’t had another stroke and am making all of this up. (Trust me, I could not, would not make this up.)  Here’s the address

The Rules have now been adapted to suit the digital age and boy are the tongues awagging!

According to London’s Daily Mail online version, Elle Magazine and Beyonce endorse  this lifestyle, while Jezebel is horrified at how Feminism was just gunnysacked back to the 1950’s  and further more:

“Fein and Schneider reinforce the principle that men thrive on being the aggressor and appreciate a woman who sets boundaries.

But critics say they are outdated, sexist, anti-feminist – and that they confuse and mislead men.

‘Rules Girls’, say Fein and Schneider are ‘savvy women who know how to return texts and emails to a man without seeming desperate, how to maintain a cool Facebook profile without giving away too much and how to spot cheaters and players, and avoid them like the plague’.

The Rules mainly preach the notion that women should play hard to get in order to get their Mr Right …. do you agree?

This kind of reminds me of the “Get Him” system that was advertised  in the back of YM magazine in the late 1980’s (Please, please, please don’t ask me how I know.)

Of course, the idea was pushed on  more adult level by Cosmopolitan by suggesting that if you want to land your man, you should wear red underwear. If he’s in a position to see your underwear, you’ve either already landed him or it’s Amateur Night, so you might actually emerge victorious. (I was at a party with a guy I really liked and one of the sluttier guests mentioned that she wasn’t wearing underwear, but if she was, it would be read.  Guess which end of the equation SHE was on? )

Mercifully, this kind of thing was not pushed, promoted or encouraged by Jane’s fabulous Sassy Magazine.

And we’re back.

What I learned from Jane Pratt (indirectly)

Published April 3, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have been a fan, devotee and sometimes creepy stalker of the fabulous Jane Pratt since Sassy magazine came and then sadly, went.  I followed her faithfully  in Jane magazine, and am now delighted, nay thrilled to enjoy her sassi-ness through

Jane is like the cool friend that you would love to be, if only you had her nerve. (or, for that matter, talent and publishing contract.)

She is always on top of things and I keep meaning to blog about some of her contributor’s fabulous, flurry and thought provoking articles.

Now I am actually doing it.

Boy that sure was a long way to go for an introduction.

Anyway, Sara Benincasa’s recent article about working from home struck a chord in me (ouch) and I am going to provide my own version, in homage to all things Jane.

For those of you who are so inclined the original:

And the weak imitation

As I may have mentioned a bazillion times or so, I am dangerously over-educated, what with my Master’s Degrees  in Education and the equally lucrative Performing Arts.  I also have librarian certification that I got in New Mexico for a job that eventually gave me a stroke (wish I was kidding).

After a career as a producer for a local theatre, I went insane and made a drastic and abrupt shift which ultimately led me to embrace a second career as a teacher.  I had the great fortune to land a job I love.  But as luck (and the economy) would have it, my fabu-tastic job was whisked away and I was laid off.  I immediately began to work on freelance writing. I always forget I have writing skills and am actually quite good at research and work very well under pressure.

My husband and I have been together for twenty years. In that time, he has seen me through three careers, all of them in wildly underpaid occupations.

Cut to current state of affairs: Me working from home.

Fortunately I have a very good laptop (bought with a rehearsal bonus years ago.) and we have high speed internet, and I have a lot of time on my hands, so I was more or less ready to go.

Advantage to working from home : Working at my own pace. Disadvantage: I am prone to slugging,so working at the coffee table in close proximity to satellite TV did not work out very well.   What I learned: I need to keep my house a little  cleaner so I can keep up with all of the crap I need as I work.  I did manage to finally convert the spare bedroom into an office space.  I need to clean my office, BTW.

Advantage to working from home: I don’t have to dress up or anything icky like that (My decision not to use my MEd for administration is directly related to my aversion to grown up clothes and uncomfortable shoes) Disadvantage: I once spent two days wearing the same cookie monster pajama bottoms and alumni t-shirt with a toothpaste stain on the front. (Hey, it was perfectly clean and minty toothpaste.)  Husband  also worked from home those two days and pointed out that it wouldn’t kill me to get dressed as if I cared and maybe take my perfectly portable computer out of the house and work from the library or any of the other places in our metropolis that has Wi-Fi at least once a week.

Advantage to working from home: I can listen to loud and raucous music as I work.  (I actually have always done this no matter what my job been)  Disadvantage: Singing along loud and atonally to the Judy’s  makes it hard to pretend I’m not home when the perfectly nice Mormons and/or Jehovah’s Witnesses drop by. ( I know, I don’t have to talk to them, but sometimes, I don’t have anything else better to do, and I kind of enjoy playing stump-the-chump with them from time-to-time.  I also enjoy hyphens. )

Advantage to freelancing: I can pick whatever I want to do if I’m in between contracts. Disadvantage: since I have only been doing this for less than a year, I haven’t quite learned when the slumps and slow periods are. Right now, it is pre-tax and post quarterly end time so that’s not much to do.   But since I didn’t have anything else better to do but shark the job postings for one of companies for which I work, I was able to grab and write a short story that paid me more than I have ever been paid for the same amount of work.  (I am listed on this contract as “Professional Writer.” SWEET)

For the most part, I am pretty happy at being able to do what I love. I love being able to pace myself and run the occasional fun errand.  So far I have had  mostly interesting jobs.  Even the job I had writing 45,000 words on Omaha Steaks had it’s advantages: I am no longer afraid of longer job assignments because I know that if I can come up with so many different things to say about meat, I can do anything.   And I have actually had some time to develop a couple of new characters and story ideas.  I have even had time to revisit the rewrites of my novel that has been mostly finished for several months.  I like the challenge.  I like not having to wear real shoes, and I like being able to wander around willy-nilly if I am so inclined.