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Maybe it’s my face to the truth

Published April 25, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Way, way back in 1989, I was a finalist in the “Face of the  Future” modeling contest.  When I arrived at the actual finals, I noticed that I was six years older and a good six inches shorter than most of the other contestants. (To be fair, I was wearing flats; everyone else wore heels. To paraphrase Agador-Spartacus, “I do not wear heels because they make me fall down.” )  Even though I was clearly not what they were  looking for, my brother called me “the Face” for an entire year.  (This is much better than Space Alien Baby, which is what he called me for most of 1988. I have no idea why.

One aspect of the truth that is becoming emergent from all of my research, is that truth depends on perception.

That boggles me.

Why isn’t truth absolute?

Because it can’t  be proven without a doubt, because it involves people.

For example, in Sharon Dogard’s excellent book” Annexed, she retells the story of Anne Frank’s attic exile from Peter’s perspective.

Ellen Feldman also explores Peter’s perspective in her book The Boy who loved Anne Frank.  Both of these books build on a character that most people think  they know. I have written about this before, but it seems resonant in light of the train of thought I am trying to catch.  (Maybe the train is going to run over me; who knows? )

What if the only truth anyone knew of you was from someone else who only knew one part of you?

It’s done all the time, especially in this world of online dating and the like.  We perceive the truth entirely from one perspective.  What face is the truth? Is it our own?

I am reading another book as I finish up Gated Grief.  This book is also an investigative memoir. I find these interesting because when one does not leave behind one’s own  story, their personal truth is the only face that survives.

Because although I was at what I think is my most attractive in 1989, I know that I am so much better than the 20 year old me with Big Dallas Hair. I now know that  what is in my head is much more important that what is on my head.  My face is much braver than it was then.

Sponsored by Sharon and Sarah

Published December 29, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I spent most of today rereading a book I don’t really remember reading in the first place, “Dreamland” by Sarah Dessen.

I’ve always enjoyed her books and I have read most of them so I got it on Ebook from the library to reread when my brain was too tired to process new information.

There is a quote from the book that made me pause

” It’s funny how someone’s perception of you can be formed without you even knowing it.”

It very neatly sums up thoughts I had when I finished reading “Annexed ” by Sharon Dogar

Annexed is the story behind The Diary of Anne Frank as told from Peter’s point of view.

Imagine if you will that billions of people worldwide have a perception of you based solely on another’s person’s thoughts and impressions of you over two years when you were not at all your best, to say the very least.

How do you comprehend a total stranger’s very being based on skewed ideas of what has happened around you?

My mind is boggled.

This is why I need crime drama and more TV.  My brain has a tendency to get me into trouble.  My neurons are shouting and racing around, a lot like my nieces who are in the other room playing Mario Kart.

They are making less noise than my own head.


Long road trip tomorrow.

I’m going to go bribe my brain with Ambien and an episode or two of silly animation.