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Published December 22, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The Mom has a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. One of my Master’s Degrees is in Regular Old Education. We have some interesting discussions.

I observed one of her classes this past Sunday.  She was preparing one of her adult education classes for the holiday by providing them with some spiritual and historical perspective on Mary, the mother of Jesus, and St. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.  (They were cousins.)

Part of my mother’s lecture included information that led me to believe that St. Elizabeth’s husband was a jerk.  He questioned his formerly barren wife’s sanity when she became pregnant. (To be fair, I question her sanity because she didn’t not bust her husband across the chops when he called her barren. I know, I know, records are spotty at best.)

Included in the lecture is the fact that we have no Biblical reference that Elizabeth received any divine information about her child’s destiny. She just knew she had a child, so she had the hope that it was going to turn out well.

I have been trying to wrap my mind around a lot of things this holiday season, particularly when EH has one beautiful child and is expecting two new editions in the spring.   I know I shouldn’t be doing comparisons, because I am in no way ready for a miracle to spring forth from my barren womb. (Trust me, that WOULD be a miracle.)

Another thing I am trying to process is the whole Ethan Couch debacle  By now, everyone in the US has heard about this young man and his foolhardy parents.

In case you haven’t, he’s the idiot that decided to get crazy drunk (2.4 blood alcohol) at the age of 16 and drive at a ridiculous speed. He crashed into a group of people who were helping a stranded motorist.

He killed four people:

Brian Jennings, Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles. I think they should get equal thought and mention because they DID NOTHING WRONG AND THIS IDIOT CHILD KILLED THEM.

Ethan did not serve any jail time; the judge gave him 10 years probation because he was raised by people who had more money than sense, therefore he has no concept of consequence.

I directed Ethan Couch in two plays over two years.  He seemed affable enough and was a competent actor, but that’s all I really know.

Sometimes when I teach I look at my students and try to figure out how they turn out.  For example, last year I had a Sixth Grade girl who was very nosy and detail oriented. I think she will be an investigative reporter.  I had a Seventh Grade boy who was  good at Math and Science and was also very empathetic and kind. I think he would be an excellent psychiatrist.

At no time did I ever look at Ethan Couch and think, “This little boy is going to turn into a sociopath who will kill people and get away with it.  He now on our county’s Most Wanted list because he violated probation. His mother is also missing.

I have asked myself, how can anyone contribute to this child’s running from the law because he is facing a well-deserved prison sentence?

His mother helped him.

No matter how our kids eventually turn out, mother’s always hope.

Like all mothers she has hope.