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Perpetual Audition

Published March 28, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I watch entirely too much television. There is an episode of the Simpsons where Lisa unmasks town founder Jebediah Springfeld as a fraud.  Over the course of the episode, auditions are being held for Town Idiot.

An actor presents his resume for Panicky Idiot #4.

I feel like I am constantly in the running for this role.

This is a particularly trying week. It is Holy Week and my class is presenting the Living Stations of the Cross on my favorite day, Maundy Thursday.

The whole concept is a big adventure for me; I have seven boys and two girls. All of my boys came back from Spring Break obsessed with farts and other inappropriateness. Still, I have faced worse. On Monday, Jesus was absent and Mary, the mother of God went home with Pink Eye.  While Jesus is back, Mary is not. So I am now doing the 15 stations of the cross with 8 students.

Not only that, I have morning duty this week, which means I get to stand out on the curb from 8:30-8:50 in the morning. It rained yesterday, and today,  a bunch of ants crawled up my pant leg and now I am covered with itchy pink welts.  I don’t get a free period for another hour, so I can’t get any benadryl, which, of course, will zombify me. Right now, Zombie is better than Panicky Idiot.

Both of these things are keeping me from focusing on a large section of my big picture. I am incredibly lonely, and I may have made a mistake that will perpetuate the lonely.  I know I can do a lot of stuff by myself.  That doesn’t mean I necessarily want to.

I probably can function without coffee.

No one wants to see me try.

I don’t mean to have a woe is me tone,mostly a Job is me.