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Write where we are

Published November 22, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

As I have mentioned  a number of times, much of my education took place in Catholic Schools.  (Three actually) Now I am back on the Mother Ship, teaching et, al. basically living the dream.   I do have flashbacks.  In the lexicon of Catholic Education,the students who attend Catholic School have their Religious education needs met during the school day.  The children who attend public schools go to CCD. Not real sure if that’s what it’s still called.  These kids were taught in a less rigid, more folksy-summer-camp environment.

While we had to sing songs like “Lo’how rose ere blooming” ( I swear that song has about thirty verses.) and “Bloom where you’re planted” (I don’t even want to get into the problems I have with that song. Suffice it to say that  The Mom, she with her MRE and me, with my M.Ed and MA. had a conversation that ended with an agreeing to disagree.)

Meanwhile the CCD kids got to sing the rousing song”Thank you Lord for giving us life. Right where we are” by Diane Davis. That song is so rousing and catchy that I remember it after only hearing it once, forty years ago.

I’ve been thinking about that song a lot lately. Not just because I’m in a whirlwind of activity, but also because I am reminding me to be grateful

As for the above mentioned whirlwind:

I have this week, and this week alone, to finish moving out of the house where I have lived for 13 years. This house was selected by the Adulteress when she and EH were first a couple.  I lived here when I was recovering from that time my head blew up, because EH and I WERE STILL MARRIED. I don’t know why the rest of the world seemed to think it was acceptable that she still live here while I was trying to grow a new brain.

Here’s something I’ve never told anyone. (I know, so why not share it with the folk who don’t know me.) When I had finished my recovery and was ready to be released back into the wild, I decided to go back to Farmington and deal with all of the things I left behind there.  I did not stay because EH wouldn’t tell the Adulteress to get out.  So I went back to the desert to figure the rest of it out.

Now if I hadn’t gone back to F-town, I wouldn’t ever have met Actor Boy.   I can’t imagine a life without knowing him.

I really could have done without the heartbreak and angst and everything that followed, but here we are.  So I’m emptying the house (hard to do) And moving into an apartment. That’s actually pretty easy to do.  The hard stuff still has to be faced. My Amanda Friend has made suggestions that make sense. I’m trying to follow that.

I haven’t looked in the box of wedding pictures. I’m not going to have room for the piano. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that.  I’m looking for the box that has my Nativity set and my Christmas stocking in it.   The Mom made the stocking for me when I was a tiny child.

What I truly do not want to face is the eventuality that these parts of my past are gone. Just gone. I know they’re just things, but come on, I got rid of all of the pickled corn, I’ve dealt with the murky pool in the backyard. I said good-bye to Mr. Steve and sat in with his corpse until the funeral home decided to drive the half mile to come get him (I realize that Steve would have been perfectly ok with me wheeling him in his hospital bed down the frontage road to the home. It’s probably better that I didn’t.)  I have lived the last two years of my life without the love thereof because BatBeard’s work takes him elsewhere.

I live with thin layer of panic brewing because the country is being run by an orange madman. I work 10 hour days with very little resources and ever increasing demands.

I shouldn’t have to harness my rage to get over something I’m sure is already gone.

So am I grateful that I grew enough of my brain back to give me the wisdom to know the difference right where we are.


Why I’m thankful (and not watching a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving)

Published November 21, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Thanksgiving is looming large and possibly flabby. I am going to celebrate this truly American holiday of excess by not fat shaming myself and enjoying pie.  Anyone who says that the calories/points/carbs/sugar in pie aren’t worth it has clearly has never had a slice of my mother’s pie.

I have aunts who have come to blows over the last slice of pie. (Of course one of these women once drove a bull off of her property with 2×4, but thats’ a story for another time)

I don’t know what her secret it is, but even if that extra bite of pie slows me down to the point that a zombie actually gets a nibble of me it will be totally worth it. (and maybe if I offer the zombie a slice of cherry crumb, I will be able to get away.)

Tomorrow will be interesting, as it always is.

My brother is sober for the first time in years, so that’s one thing to be thankful for.

My aunt just got a job, but is still in circumstances that require her to live with my grandmother, so that’s an iffy one.

My very recently divorced uncle will be there with his new girlfriend, and broccoli rice casserole, which no one really likes. (We really liked the devilled eggs that his ex-wife made, but the polite thing is not to mention it.)

My father, my other uncle and and handful of cousins will not be joining us because they will be dining with the other nuts on that branch of the family tree.

My kid is in NYC until the Christmas break.  We will be missing him, as well as my grandfather and Steve.  (Steve’s one job at family functions was to keep my grandmother’s wine glass filled, thus making it a jolly holiday for everyone concerned. )

As far as holiday TV viewing is concerned, I will not be watching the myriad of specials because a) I don’t know who some of the characters are, and b) Peppermint Patty is a bitch, and I’m trying to avoid anything that harshes my mellow. Tonight I will be finishing up my contributions to dinner, a couple of low fat side dishes that I full expect to be bringing back home, but I’m sure they will enjoy the outing.

Merry Turkeys to everyone.

Hostess with the leastest?

Published November 16, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

A lot of my friends are teachers, by trade. One of them asked me why everyone in Academia (that includes all of the nuts) gets to this first major holiday break simply drooling with exhaustion.  (I have embellished the actual statement, but the sentiment is the same.)

I said that I think it’s because everything after the Thanksgiving is on the down slope towards the end of the semester.

And if you are in the pro-Zombie camp, it’s a down slope towards the end of Humanity as we know it. (No one ever thinks it will happen, until it does.)

Now I could go on ad nauseum and ad infinitum , (Why yes, I am just using those phrases to be pretentious.  I am an educational snob, but I know who I am!) about all of the cultural and astrological signs that are pointing for the imminence of impending doom, but really what’s the point?

Today the big news story is that Twinkies and it’s chocolatey brothers, cupcakes and Ding Dongs, may no longer be available. (Apparently the HoHo’s and Suzie Q’s could not be reached for comment)

Several people in my social circle have commented on the scarcity of these products in the stores and how life will never be the same.

Life is never the same.  People get nostalgic and maudlin at this time of year, it may be from exhaustion and anxiety,allergies and apparently now we have the lack of cream filled indestructible sponge cake to add to the mix. (mmm sponge mix.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Hostess Company more than some members of my extended family, although it hasn’t been the same since they did away with Fruit Pie the Magician.

I just don’t think that this event is going to end civilization.

Oh, Fruit Pie, wave your wand and make it all go away!