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True View

Published May 3, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Before I got all weird and tangential  because Walgreen’s rattled my cage by giving me a number and some evidence that may be part of my verbal proof that I am slogging my way up through the various levels of hell. In fact I’m so sort of convinced that I don’t really want to re read the Inferno, just in case I recognize anyone. There’s plenty of weird in my world without going out and looking for them.

I have been thinking about women’s roles, those that we take on and those that are given to us.  There are so many places I could go with this, so I’m just going to wander through a few things before I begin the next tome: Rachel Lloyd’s Girls Like Us.  I’m not at all sure I’m on the right path. So I’ll just keep going.

Why roles? Why write about anything at all? As a theatre person and playwright and just hell of a nice gal, I’m very interested in the way perspective and perception changes the given truth.  (And now those words have lost all meaning.) From the basic perusal of the book, I am assuming it’s about human trafficking. Taking that basic assumption I’m going to watch a Netflix documentary that I think has a similar theme. (And not just because it makes me feel ever so smart. )

I’m taking a look at “After Porn Ends.” It’s not necessarily human trafficking, but it does speak to the same themes, playing a role for some gain. It takes a look at what former porn stars are doing out in the “real” world.  I have no idea how I feel about this.  Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do.

They say,” Sex industry, porn industry trap”  They become reality stars, real estate agents, cooks, gardeners, activists.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel sorry for them or . . .One of the women, Houston, was told at an early age that she could make money with her body. She went from  winning bikini contests to being a porn star. I do feel a little sorry for her and how she clearly doesn’t get that she is used, she seems very matter of fact about having a labiaplasty to make herself more attractive, she encased, “The trimmings” in Lucite and auctioned them off.

I just heard my brain say, “That’s it . I’m outta here.”

I’m not really sure where this will lead, but before my brain completely clicks off,  the point I am trying to pursue is creating a perspective before the research. But who knows. I don’t think I’m any closer to the truth, but I’m very close to the stupid (World’s worse tutoring program)

My own private Why-daho

Published May 1, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The following is what I wrote prior to my adventures this evening. Since these events happened in real time I’m assuming they are true and actually did happen. (I know,I think I sound crazy, too.) I joined my friends at Trivia tonight, where I once again attempted to drink my volume in coke zero.  There were a few things that struck me as odd (I know, just a few things?) Things have seemed a bit off about a new acquaintance and I was verifying the peculiarity with my Amanda-friend. I did not get a chance to tell her that I had an almost direct opposite instinct about a guy whose hotness was proclaimed before I met him. When I saw him, I wanted to lean back and nonchalantly ask, “You’re Satan, aren’t you?” (I did not ask.) I also found it odd that every single question in tonight’s game was as unfamiliar to me as if I had spent the last couple of decades in some kind of suspended animation. That’s not the case; I’ve been out of grad school for a long time. As we were leaving, I trotted out a few ways that I think this whole truth search is going. One of them, which I will, of course, develop later, is that I actually died ten years ago when my head blew up and the shenanigans of the last decade are actually a purgatory of my own making. That actually makes sense to me. Then I came home and sat down to pick up the blog where I left off (The bit that’s in italics.)  I remembered that I needed to call and refill a prescription. Thanks to the modern age and the good people at Walgreen’s (They now deliver, by the way, please ask your pharmacy staff for more details) I was able to do this. As the touch tone refill service was repeating my contact phone number, I was a little startled. The number they gave me was the phone number I had about four years prior to my head blowing up.   This is especially strange since I have at least five other prescriptions at Walgreen’s and they never have given that number.  I don’t think Walgreen’s was even open in this part of the world when I had that number. Maybe I’m just full of soda, but strange doings are afoot.

In my journey ( and yes, I feel like  a douche calling this reading-truth thing a journey.) I realize that I am a big Why-sayer. Most of my life, I ‘ve been asking why. (Mostly as in, “why not me?” but such is the life of an actor. Good thing I mostly outgrew that.)  Now I’m asking why all the time. It doesn’t matter why, really, the outcome doesn’t change. I don’t know if understanding the reasoning behind some event makes the day to day horror a little more palatable. The why’s have lead me to the realization that most of the books I have been reading are from the female perspective, I don’t know if that’s a subconscious choice or if there is some truly sexist reasoning behind it.  I am very fascinated at how the role of women has evolved, and yet the roles available for women have diminished