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I’m not sure I needed to know that.

Published March 12, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

According to what’s, there is a litany of things I need to know about Suge Knight.

It took me a moment to actually remember who Suge Knight is, but then I remember I heard of him on a WatchMojo list of famous people who are in prison.  Or course, that thought led to another wondering if perhaps it’s the un-famous people in prison we need to know.

Before I jump down the rabbit hole on that, there are a few more things on the trending site of note (the things are of note, not necessarily the site.  My head is thrumming off beat to my thoughts so I’m having a bit of a challenging putting together the correct grammarage. There may be some fusion jazz thing happening in my head.)

Illinois junior Senator Mark Kirk got called out for being a racist .  To be fair why should he watch what he says when the President does not.  This led me to CNN, which, quite frankly, disappointed me. (This a plus, since it usually enrages me.)  My other source of new-like information, It’s amusing and amasses items in chronological order by date of publication. Since it’s content is largely written by free-lancers, I lend a lot of credence to the writing; free-lancers have to maintain a level of integrity so they can continue to work.

There is some interesting information on the site, including the one about Benjamin Franklin and the kite experiment.  Apparently Franklin freely admitted that he made the whole story up, which, at least makes him more honest than the current newsmakers. Thus goeth the propaganda machine.

Meanwhile, as reported by CBS news, a sixth grade student in Alabama has written a will “just in case something happens”.

Just in case? Why does an 12 year old have to make a will? (I bet you all were wondering when I was going to hop on the soapbox.)  I know the answers, but those are all followed up by more questions, like why is it please, that our  Secretary of Education can’t explain her own policies and why our President won’t (fill in the blank with your choice of words)

What do I think would help?

I think Betsy De Vos should have to live for a year on a teacher’s salary. According to TEA, having a Bachelor’s Degree and no teaching experience, her minimum salary would be at least $28, 080. Now if she taught in a private school, her minimum salary would be $31,000.  Her children are grown, but for the sake of argument, let’s say she has two children to support on that salary.

A first year teacher usually has to meet with a mentor teacher at least once a week. This is one top of a full school day where she has taught at least five classes of 15-20 students. This includes grading papers and planning lessons for these 145 students. The school day requires a teacher to be on campus for at least 8, but usually 9 hours a day. All teachers, new or otherwise are required to accrue a minimum number of professional development hours to maintain their license.   Now, since Betsy doesn’t have a teaching certificate she would have to go through an internship program where she would have to clock some time online with a coach for her initial certificate.

If even one of those 145 students misbehaves, she will have to document the incident in the computer, follow up with the principal or counselor and/or talk to a the student’s parent.  To tally- 9 hours on campus +1 hour per day for meetings, etc +1 hour for planning and grading (this is a very kind estimate.)   That is an 11 hour day for at least 200 days a year. 11x 200= that’s 22,000 hours. That’s about 14 dollars an hour, not bad you say?

Well child care runs, on average any where from 11-14 dollars an hour, if you want a qualified person watching your child during your 11 hour day.

So now you have about 3 dollars an hour x 22,000 an hour for lodging. That gives you 66,000 per year for housing and everything else. That works out to about $ 5,000 a month. My mortgage just went up to 1,200 a month.  I do not live in a particularly palatial abode. My bills run about 800. But I don’t have 2 kids. I’m sure Betsy would want to eat and wear clothes and maybe go somewhere besides school and the babysitter. Plus I bet Betsy’s school has a dress code, and professional clothes are expensive, plus I’m pretty sure all three of them want to eat once in a while.

I’m fairly certain I made a math error in there somewhere, but you get my point. Teachers are underpaid. And the person in charge of education has no idea what we are really dealing with. I am on Spring Break and I am spending at least half a day looking for a side gig so I can afford to take less help from my parents, who are great and are, indeed helping me out.   I will also spend at least one and half days getting things ready for the next week of school.  So I lose two days of my seven day break doing a job I am already doing 50 hours a week.

That’s why I don’t need to know Suge Knight