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Three days in

Published January 3, 2019 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’ve been meaning to write for several days now, but my first world problems got in the way. WordPress would not let me post anything and instead of writing my thoughts in a document, I just slugged about.

I’m trying to cram in the last few moments, hours etc of low tension relaxing.  I have to go back to school on Monday. The kids come back on Tuesday.  BatBeard won’t be here until maybe Monday night.  I am thrilled about this.

I knew what I was getting into when I fell in love with an actor. I know that Christmas is the only time of the year where actors can consistently work.  I know that. I also know that this is the beginning of the third year of coming in a distant second to a pirate ship.

I know, I know, holidays are rough.  My holidays were a bit easier becasue I finally escaped the money pit and am now in my quaint little apartment.  But, the holiday was a bit harder because I didn’t go visit Batbeard so I didn’t have my sweetheart for Christmas or New Years. There .I’m done complaining.

We have many challenges ahead. I mean all of the we’s. We, the country, we the teachers, we the mothers, sisters, daughters,etc.  These challenges include the usual first of the year challenges, weight loss, drinking more water, working out, reading more, being kinder, being more productive. Some of us are even going to jump on the “Let’s do all of the above” bandwagon.  So what will, I, WriterChick be doing this new year?

I am going to focus on being healthier- I will be 50 this year

I am going to focus on being patient-I have four incredibly challenging students and I get another one on Tuesday

I am going to focus on getting stronger- Everyday I truly believe we getting closer to Armegeddon. I know I have been saying this sine 1992, but it’s still true

I am going to focus on letting go of the things I can’t change-Seeing BatBeard whenever I want. He is an actor and he is happiest when he is performing. My brothers rampant alcholism. He is no longer the brother I grew up with and he will not quit drinking until he is forced to.  I have chronic insomnia and the only way to deal with this is to keep regular hours.

I have accomplished many things. I get to celebrate them. Being proud doesn’t equal pompous.

I don’t have to do everything today.  It’s okay to stop because you are tired.


Happy New year people