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The glove is on the other foot

Published January 7, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It’s really cold today. Today would been the perfect day to curl up in bed all day, but even though it was 15 degrees (!) this morning, today was also the first day of my three part-time job adventure. (I still hope that I will eventually get a full-time job so that I will actually get the number of things I need to do at the same time down to less than a hundred. )

Anyway, I’ve started a work journal so I can remember the odd things that happen over the course of the work day.

Job 1: I got my 1000 words written early this morning. I think tat part may work out.

Job 2: Didn’t have to work at this job today, I just had to drop off the paperwork so I can get paid. It took me twenty minutes to find a parking place. It took me less than five minutes to handle the paperwork.  Soul-robbing, but I’ve had worse administrative experiences.

Job 3: I actually really enjoyed this. There were some lulls but I did write a lot of interesting things down, mostly related to the inconsistent sizing of Children’s books and the fact that each and everyone of these books is slippery and hard to hold.  I also discovered that handling books all day will leach the moisture right out of your skin, thus making it had to function.

There is some speechifying I intend to do concerning the trends in Children’s Literature, but I’m exhausted and I have to get ready for tomorrow. Similar schedule, twice the exhaustion.