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Zombies and Unicorns and Zebras (Oh my implied)

Published April 8, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It is no secret that much of information comes from satire news sources and frequent glances at CNN and/or the Huffington Post. It is also no secret that my brain functions like a windsock, whipping around to catch ideas and notions.

Most people have a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to this kind of thing, such as hearing hoofbeats and thinking “horses” not “zebras”  (I would also accept bored actors doing a Monty Python bit.)   I have also heard that lawyers refer to innocent clients as Unicorns as in they only exist in myth, or in the bedrooms of pre-teen girls (not creepy, they are innocent remember?)

In World War Z, when Brad Pitt was in Israel backtracking an email (I’m a bit sketchy the details because I was a bit dozy during most of the movie, but really, why take the only person who can figure out the epidemic into the danger zone and let him flail around with a weapon, and seriously? Why did Brad Pitt have his satellite phone ringer on? And what kind of needy bitch has to call her husband when she knows he’s doing something really important like trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? I’m aggressively codependent and I don’t expect BatBeard to answer the phone on a four show day.)

Pitt talks to a man whose sole job it is to believe the impossible, or as he puts it “sometimes zombies means zombies”

Now it isn’t my actual job, but I, too, always believe in the zombie unicorn zebra because my actual world is so bizarre that a zombie riding a unicorn chasing a zebra wouldn’t even cause me to blink.   And it’s not just the 95% fatality rate stroke survivor thing or the fact that the Mom had a tumor the size of an egg inside of one of the chambers of her heart, had open heart surgery and was able to do the reading at my grandparents 50th anniversary mass before her stitches were fully healed, or the fact that my father had a brief bout of cancer (you heard that right, his cancer was treated and gone faster than the walking pneumonia I had two years ago), my day to day life is just odd.

I ran across this news story Missing CDC doctor found. Now the story is slanted to point out that he was passed up for a promotion, possibly prompting his drowning the death. My initial interest was based on the whole missing person angle, after all I am an avid follower of the unknown. ( I did indeed mean to say that) but then the Zombie Unicorn Zebra whispered in my ear, “What did he do at the CDC?” So glad you asked, ZUZ, he was a  highly respected epidemiologist. Then my brain said, “What is that?” So google told me that epidemiology is the branch of medicine dealing with the incidence and prevalence of disease of large populations and with detection of the source and cause of epidemics of infectious disease.” Then the ZUZ said, “EEEEEEEE”

I concur, ZUZ, I concur.  Most people wouldn’t see this as alarming but what if there is a looming epidemic and this man just opted out before the madness begins?

I did promise my students cupcakes if there’s an apocalypse. So if you see the ZUZ, let me know.


Published July 25, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

This is the time of the year when I catch up on, well, everything.  I’m falling behind on my housekeeping, mostly because I don’t give a teeny tiny little rats behind, but I can still see the floor and find the cats fairly easily, so I’m ok.

I had breakfast with my dad (to celebrate my birthday, which was a month ago but the time, it do fly.) Our conversation drifted to the current state of affairs. (In the country, not in my life, and now that I mention it, why the hell is every third person so damn interested in my ability to trap Batman?)   We discussed the incredibly stream of stupid that exploded when I simply shared an article about the mania that is Trump’s America.   This lead us to the discussion that as a whole, we (society, not me, my dad and Batman-World’s Worst YA novel.) are missing the damn point of dystopia TV.

As the wise rabbi in World War Z says, most of the time, Zombies, doesn’t mean Zombies. (He also went on to say that sometimes it actually does mean Zombies, but that doesn’t serve my point. You see how quotes can be manipulated? Hmm?)  The point I was making with to my dad is that the point of The Walking Dead, at least by my extrapolation, is that in the face pandemic disaster, our politics are going to matter very little. If human kind is to survive we have to stop arguing about the collective stupidity that makes up current bi partisan politics.  Life is far too short to fight amongst ourselves, especially since it looks like the problem is going to be bigger than  Zombies.

To pursue that rabbit down another hole,  (What’s a metaphor? Sheep!)   I recall yet another episode of  The Walking Dead, (Let’s agree that I watch entirely too much television.) One of the denizens of one of the more advanced sub-societies of the post-Apocalyptic future/alternate universe, remarked that he listened to some music when he gets bored. One of the our protagonist group replies, “I can’t remember the last time I felt safe enough to be bored”

I know it seems a long way to go to get the point, but it’s all a matter of perspective.  Perspective is a word that gets bandied about a lot these days, as is mindfulness.   Mindfulness means fine tuning your perspective so that you are hyper aware of the moment to moment-ness of you life. Kind of like when your world is full of Zombies.

And we’re back.